Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Choose a Best Website Designing Company in India?

This is very true that, day by day, the rising demand of online business has resulted in a rapid increase in the number of website development companies in India. So, this is very important for you to choose the one among them which has the right potential to show your online business the right path and strategy to grow. Attractive and user-friendly website design is the base at the starting point of your online business. So, the base has to be strong and in the right hands for a great output. So, there are various important points you have to keep in mind while choosing the best website designing company in India -

• Today, the first and foremost thing for a good website design is not only knowing the way to code it, but what matters is to code it in the correct way possible, keeping in mind the usage of the right tags, right image names for higher rankings when they do internet marketing of your website further. HTML and CSS are what is needed for web design programming, so the company should have competent and experienced professionals having the complete knowledge on these two platforms. The right coding and limited number of files will also help to decrease the load time and speed up your website giving the user a great experience on visiting your website. So, go through and ask these important points before you decide to hand over your online business to the company.

• Once you get completely satisfied on these points, the next thing that would help you in selecting the right company is to ask them to prepare a rough sketch for the home page. The index page of your website should be designed in a way that it should reflect the complete concept of your online business. The proper placement of headers, menus, banners, content, footers etc. is very essential. By getting the idea from that, it will become easy for you to decide whether they have the skills to provide you with the web design that would help in your business growth.

• The next important point that you have to consider is whether your website design is static or dynamic. PHP, .Net, Javascript and many others are the programming languages which are required for the development of dynamic websites. So, the web designers of the company should at least have complete knowledge about these platforms. For a dynamic website, the company should make you get cleared with the changes in front-end and back-end as well if you have in the future. After these, get yourself ensured about the time-frame and other queries if you have in your mind. If you are satisfied with the above points, then you are at the right place! is one of the leading website designing company in India.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Web Developer for a Brilliant Website

It is every online business' dream to have a website that represents it in the very best manner possible. For that the first and most important requirement is to choose an SEO and Web Developer in Punjab or in another region. While a lot of us are aware of SEO in terms of content; using the right keywords, optimising the content to be user friendly and making it unique. But few of us understand that even website development needs SEO to rank well. This makes the decision of hiring the right web developer most important.

A good developer will understand that while design is imperative, the ability of the website to load quickly, before fickle attention spans get distracted, is a big plus. Keep the design as clutter free as possible to let the important things shine through and enable the user to absorb it. With too many design elements or too much content, the reader gets confused. Even if the website is content based, try to go for headers and columns to break the text and make it easily readable. If the same content figures twice on the same website, try to use no-index tag for it. Content duplication on the website is a big no-no hence, try not to change just the headings, but the content as well for similar pages too. Be ready to pay for the best content and web development as this is what matters most.

Whenever you wish to change the URL of your website, which should be done only rarely, use the 301 redirect as that lets the website retain its links. Give each page a proper page title which should not be the same as the Home Page Title, as Home Page Title is most important and should be original and self-explanatory. Other than the technical elements, a good web developer takes due care to create a design that is not just Google friendly but also easy for people to navigate. Get a good developer by your side and lay your SEO worries to rest.