Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tips for Effective Web Designing

As the saying goes "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" , similarly a good website is not judged by its owner but the users of the website. It is just not about the visibility of a website but also its usability (user-friendly). It is essential to have an effective website to make an impact online. Infosoft is one of the top website designing firm in Ludhiana which offers comprehensive E-business solutions. Right from the planning and execution phase to the designing, developing and launching phase, their team of experienced professionals handle everything deftly.

Listed below are some ways for making an exclusive website.

1. Purpose - A website should be designed keeping in mind the needs of the users. Whether the users are looking for information, some sort of interaction or collaboration with you, then every page of your website should provide clear information for their needs.

2. Communication - Having your website and significant information enlisted under various headings and subheadings is an essential way of ensuring productive communication with your users since they are looking for handy and quick information.

3. Colours - Using loud or too many colours at once makes it a hard task to read the text. The key is to use subtle yet contrasting colours which will make your website eye pleasing and easy to use.

4. Organised layout - When users visit your website and they don't know where to look for the information they have been searching for,creates a negative image about your company. To avoid such a situation, you should have everything laid out in grids, columns, tables,sections,etc.

5. Load time - Everybody despises a website that takes forever to load and download the pictures. For faster loading, you should focus on image optimization, amalgamate codes into a central CSS or JavaScript file.

6. Mobile-friendly - It is indispensable to have a website which is accessible widely on all devices. One has to move over stereotypical desktop interface and make sure that every user can access your website from any device failing which you'll be unable to maintain your rankings.

Make sure that your website is designed bearing in mind the must have features to ensure an outstanding website. Infosoft is the company to turn to when you want to create an identity online. You can rely on them for all your E-business management solutions.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why Website Promotion of Your Company is Indispensable?

It is imperative for every company no matter how big a brand it is to get online recognition. Custom marketing and promotional plans increase a company's exposure. When it comes to marketing, looks matter. It is essential to have a well designed website with an effective layout which creates an impression in the mind of the consumers and encourages them to choose you. The goals envisioned by your company can only be fulfilled with the right branding and promotional services delivered by a team of trained professionals.

In today's time where websites are waging a war against each other over Internet, it is indispensable to have effective E-business solutions. The skilled team of technicians and developers at Infosoft Network aim at providing eccentric proposals for your website. It emphasises the strengths of your company and gives it dominance over others. You can lay your trust on Infosoft Network as it is the best website promotion company in Ludhiana.

Branding and identity is an important part of the design process. A company with a strong design system creates a cohesive and representative image of your company to transgress across every detail of your website and the rest of your online presence.

The Internet has gained a strong foothold over the world of marketing. Today, it is an influential internet marketing presence that will get you effective sales. If you are still giving ads, making odd calls or wasting money on print media, you can forget about procuring more business. Strategised online promotional marketing and techniques is the key to enthral customers.

When you focus on right branding and online promotional strategies coupled with SEO,SMO and CMS, you are undoubtedly going to garner public viewership and make huge business out of it. You just have to keep in mind that your website is adept with the latest technologies and is updated on a regular basis with latest information else you might fall behind others in this highly competitive E-business race.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

5 E-commerce Website Design Pitfalls to Steer Clear Of

E-commerce website design is a specialised area which a good company can deftly handle. Even the most well-versed company can fall short of expectations by making these most common mistakes. Here are a few things that you should avoid at all costs -

Vague Landing Page - The moment a visitor reaches the website, they should be able to tell what it is about just by looking at it. A page that looks aesthetically pleasing is not necessarily apt for the purpose of online business. Try to say not just in words but with images and illustration too, the true essence of your e-commerce website.

Low Quality or Few Images - With every blog and e-commerce website designer heralding content as king, images have borne the brunt. Nowhere are images as important as online shopping portals. A good picture is worth a thousand words and may get you more business than a great sounding description of a product you can barely figure out in the picture.

Long, Winding Content - Content needs to be engaging, informative and descriptive. Having said that, there is a need to stop unnecessary words from cramping the look and style of the website. A great e-commerce website designer in Ludhiana,  is a wonderful resource when it comes to making content apt and precise.

Complicated Sign-ups - It is a fact that websites that ask customers to sign up and create accounts tend to lose business. Make the purchase process as simple as possible to maximise the sales. A straightforward one-step or two-step process is the best to keep the interested visitors from wandering to other websites.

Cluttered Presentation - Keep the flow of information natural and intuitive. Important points and buttons should be highlighted using right placement and appropriate colour scheme.

Keep in mind a few important things and rest assured that good business will follow.

Friday, April 03, 2015

After Web Designing, What to do to make it work

Web designing is an imperative part of your online business. Once you have a great website designing company by your side, there is not much that you need to worry about. Infosoft Network is a competent web design company in Ludhiana that takes care of all your online needs with great capability. Once a wonderful website is in place, there is still much more that you can do to make it more effective.

• Don't think of your website in isolation. The colour scheme, font, look and style that you use on your website should be continued across all platforms making for a seamless experience.

• Optimise it to be the best it can be. SEO goes a long way in helping bring more traffic, and in turn, business to your website. Making a few changes that can help it figure in the top results is worthwhile.

• Instead of relying on one platform to promote and market your website, choose to create a mix of different media. If you mostly blog, try diversifying with YouTube videos, Tumblr, Facebook posts and Twitter. This will make sure that you get introduced to the maximum number of users, increasing your business prospects.

• Be available across devices and operating systems. By opening up to the possibility of being available to a wider audience, your online business grows. In today's times, it is very important that your website is not only accessible by desktops or tabs only but by mobiles as well. As the number of operating systems increase, it becomes increasingly important to cover the widest range.

• The most important investment that you can make for your website is having on board a web designing company that is adept at what it does. It takes the worry out of conducting an online business.

Infosoft Network is the right choice for your online business as it covers every aspect right from designing to maintenance and continued upkeep that keeps the audience interested.

Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Choose a Best Website Designing Company in India?

This is very true that, day by day, the rising demand of online business has resulted in a rapid increase in the number of website development companies in India. So, this is very important for you to choose the one among them which has the right potential to show your online business the right path and strategy to grow. Attractive and user-friendly website design is the base at the starting point of your online business. So, the base has to be strong and in the right hands for a great output. So, there are various important points you have to keep in mind while choosing the best website designing company in India -

• Today, the first and foremost thing for a good website design is not only knowing the way to code it, but what matters is to code it in the correct way possible, keeping in mind the usage of the right tags, right image names for higher rankings when they do internet marketing of your website further. HTML and CSS are what is needed for web design programming, so the company should have competent and experienced professionals having the complete knowledge on these two platforms. The right coding and limited number of files will also help to decrease the load time and speed up your website giving the user a great experience on visiting your website. So, go through and ask these important points before you decide to hand over your online business to the company.

• Once you get completely satisfied on these points, the next thing that would help you in selecting the right company is to ask them to prepare a rough sketch for the home page. The index page of your website should be designed in a way that it should reflect the complete concept of your online business. The proper placement of headers, menus, banners, content, footers etc. is very essential. By getting the idea from that, it will become easy for you to decide whether they have the skills to provide you with the web design that would help in your business growth.

• The next important point that you have to consider is whether your website design is static or dynamic. PHP, .Net, Javascript and many others are the programming languages which are required for the development of dynamic websites. So, the web designers of the company should at least have complete knowledge about these platforms. For a dynamic website, the company should make you get cleared with the changes in front-end and back-end as well if you have in the future. After these, get yourself ensured about the time-frame and other queries if you have in your mind. If you are satisfied with the above points, then you are at the right place! is one of the leading website designing company in India.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Web Developer for a Brilliant Website

It is every online business' dream to have a website that represents it in the very best manner possible. For that the first and most important requirement is to choose an SEO and Web Developer in Punjab or in another region. While a lot of us are aware of SEO in terms of content; using the right keywords, optimising the content to be user friendly and making it unique. But few of us understand that even website development needs SEO to rank well. This makes the decision of hiring the right web developer most important.

A good developer will understand that while design is imperative, the ability of the website to load quickly, before fickle attention spans get distracted, is a big plus. Keep the design as clutter free as possible to let the important things shine through and enable the user to absorb it. With too many design elements or too much content, the reader gets confused. Even if the website is content based, try to go for headers and columns to break the text and make it easily readable. If the same content figures twice on the same website, try to use no-index tag for it. Content duplication on the website is a big no-no hence, try not to change just the headings, but the content as well for similar pages too. Be ready to pay for the best content and web development as this is what matters most.

Whenever you wish to change the URL of your website, which should be done only rarely, use the 301 redirect as that lets the website retain its links. Give each page a proper page title which should not be the same as the Home Page Title, as Home Page Title is most important and should be original and self-explanatory. Other than the technical elements, a good web developer takes due care to create a design that is not just Google friendly but also easy for people to navigate. Get a good developer by your side and lay your SEO worries to rest.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Leading Professional Web Development Company in Ludhiana, India

In today’s times, of course more than anything the Internet has become the most commanding medium of knowledge and communication. Almost everyone daily enters in the world of internet and spends hours seeking deets on the oldest and newest things to buying the needed items from any part of the world. Indeed, Website development is one of the most active arenas in the world of computer technology today. So, when it comes to the website owners, they knows that climbing this dynamic technology today is possible by soliciting the help of a best and professional web development company. This is because there is a great race in online business like any other businesses and everyone has to face the same challenge of impressing the target audience by making highly professional website with easy navigation facilities and along with that the user friendliness.

Infosoft Network, being at the pinnacle is in itself a hub of web designs and has been excelling since many years and has set up a benchmark in yielding supreme web solutions to its audience. Right from designing the static and dynamic websites moving ahead to perfect website development all is done by our professional team of designers and developers. Our web design and development team analyze the customers requirement and try to choice and visualize their guidelines and innovatively add creativity to it resulting in reliable website. After completion of project, what is required is full after-support that our professionals will provide so that your website will keep running aptly.

So, whether it is static website or an online store that you are planning to own with attractive looks and user-friendly navigation and functionalities, Infosoft Network will render you the best e-commerce website development. Nevertheless, Infosoft Network is counted among the best web development companies in India and will keep elevating providing its customers with the best possible solutions.